Year in Review ~ Looking Forward

Year in Review ~ Looking Forward

We have a gift for you all!

A chance for you to look back over 2017 and everything that's happened and set yourself up for a fantastic 2018 :)

Planning is a great habit to get into. It helps you to focus on what you do want, which helps to divert the brain away from any negative 'stories'. Notice past patterns, so you can break the cycle and feel in control of your choices. Writing out a review of the year helps bring awareness to what went right and to just how much can change in a year!  

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To get the most out of the experience you'll need:

  • a calm, quiet space where you won't be interrupted
  • a printed version of the booklet
  • an open mind, free of self-judgement
  • some gentle music
  • a cool drink / cup of tea
  • your favourite pen


Printing Options

If your printer supports 2-sided (duplex) printing ensure you select "Short Sided Binding", otherwise the back side of the pages will print upside down! 
The setting might have a different name and you might have to experiment with the settings of your printer.

If you are having problems with the booklet printing you can download the standard pdf here:


Sit yourself down somewhere comfortable, let go of any expectations, go to your breath and enjoy!